Lost Album

Pim Thomas

Things get lost once in a while: bobby pins, sweaters, thoughts, a thing we once loved. There’s something about getting lost; it has the potential to be bad, yet it also enables the possibility of being found. In a world where we’re constantly overloaded with new music, it’s easy to forget the albums from the past that formed us the most. This month we’re asking Pim Thomas, founder of the Brussels record label/store Crevette Records to dig into his musical archives and recover an album that touched the heart but was forgotten over time.

Which album do you want us to discover?
Copenhagen’s Music For Dreams comes with yet another strong release; a double album of personal favourites compiled by Jan Schulte. Most of the tracks picked by Schulte were released on small labels in the late 80’s. The musicians involved were mainly traditionally schooled, born and raised in Germany.

When did you first listen to it?
When the preorders were available I received the album in my mail box —I get a hundred of these on a daily basis from distributors I work with or labels who want their music in the store. This one really touched me from the very first note – I was sold immediately. Soon after, Jan Schulte made a mini mix of the songs on their labels’ YouTube channel, and I was listening to them a lot. After a while, some of my clients started asking for them when we would play the album in the shop. Funny/not so funny story: the parcel with this release got lost. We’re still trying to track it down with DHL. We’re feeling very impatient about finding it back — there were more beauties of the label the same parcel.

Why did you want to recover this one?
It’s a very deep, uplifting, relaxing and sometimes even spiritual compilation. You’ll feel reborn after listening to this completely. Trust me. I recommend to take some time and listen to it in its entirety,
to not skip trough it fast,
to take your time to enjoy this.
Open yourself a bottle of wine,
put all your technology aside
and relax.

For fans of?
I think this album will touch people from all different scenes and musical backgrounds. People who are enjoying tropical vibes from the past, to those who like music from the now.

What is your favorite song on the album?
Sounouh by Sanza. Just give this beauty a listen and you’ll know why.

Crevette Records is holding Vitesse’s release party at Fuse, Brussels, 12 May. The show is free for members until 1am. Become one here.