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Wouter Vanhaelemeesch

Sun’s out, fun’s out! With Spring coming in, Belgium’s glimming with activities these days. Aside from our Subbacultcha shows we want you to know what else is going on this month music-wise. We asked Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, aka Vooruit’s music promotor, to fill us in on the events you should most definitely go to this month.

Moor Mother + Offshore

7 April – BRDCST at Bonnefooi, Brussels

I had the pleasure to put on a show for Camae Ayewa – aka Moor Mother – last weekend during Courtisane Film Festival in Ghent. Her set simply blew me (and most everyone else in the room) away completely. It’s super intense & inventive stuff driven by unbridled, raw punk energy and layered with meaning. Pretty sure she never plays the same set twice so hope to catch her again amongst the impressive line-up that is BRDCST (Wolf Eyes, Daniel Bachman…). Jaws will be on the floor during this one, guaranteed.

Treehouse Open Air

29 April at Treehouse, Ghent

Super curious to check Detroit house legend Marcellus Pittman and South African DJ Okapi (and all the rest) during this one of a kind open air festival by the Treehouse people. Starts at noon and goes on till midnight, works perfectly for middle aged men like me who need their beauty sleep.

Steve Gunn + Michael Chapman

12 April at Vooruit, Ghent

Speaking of men of a certain age; Michael Chapman! What to say about this legend? At 71 he can still play circles around most young and fresh faced fingerpickers with the greatest of ease. I’m pretty sure he can drink them under the table also. And who better to test this with then with young and fresh faced fingerpicker Steve Gunn? You can place your bets from the comfortable seats of Vooruit’s theatre hall next Wednesday. Having seen both of these guys in action I cannot recommend this enough. Both playing solo and from what I’ve heard they’re probably up for a duet also. And a case of red wine. Each.

You can find all info about Vooruit’s events here, or come meet us on 20 April for Princess Nokia’s show, free for Subbacultcha members. Become one here.