Ancienne Belgique’s BRDCST – named after a band whose sounds were futuristic, spiritual and undeniably inventive – is a festival that wants to be anything but casual. This year’s line-up not only offers an attractive mix of electronica, noise and jazz. It also focuses strongly upon socially relevant themes like interculturality and afrofuturism, and highlights musically contrary women.

In preparation for BRDCST we asked Ancienne Belgique’s music promotors Kurt Overbergh (KO) and Mich Leemans (ML) to each share their three favourite acts on the festival bill.

Les Filles de Illighadad

6 April – Bonnefooi

I’ve been a fan of Honest Jon’s and Soundway Records for years and my newest baby is Sahel Sounds (Mdou Moctar! Mamman Sani!). I also fell in love with the superb and pure sounds of Les Filles… If there’s a God, it surely is a woman! (KO)

Carla dal Forno

6 April – Huis 23

Her ‘You Know What It’s Like’ album, released on Blackest Ever Black, was one of my favourite 2016 records. Finally there’s an artist with a very distinct voice again. Together with the strange atmosphere and analogue textures of her music she reminds me of Nico. (ML)

Author & Punisher

7 April – AB Club

Damn! I’ve been waiting for years to see this noise black metal inspired ‘Man-Machine’ live! This one-man band is the equivalent of Tristan Shone who built his own industrial machines and would surely say ‘YES’ if one of his machines asks to marry him. Oh God, let his musical punishment be ruthless and hard! I obey! (KO)

Moor Mother

7 April, Bonnefooi

Another woman that released a great album last year. I find the things she does very intriguing. It’s a mix between noise, industrial, poetry and hip-hop and all this with a clear political message. I’m very curious to see her bring her poetry and music live. It sure isn’t something for the faint-hearted. (ML)

Nidia Minaj

8 April – AB Box

Watch out for the excellent Portuguese Príncipe label (DJ Nigga Fox! Dj Marfox!) in 2017! Superb diverse and exciting sounds with a hint of kuduro. And oh yes, a scoop: we’ll have a Príncipe label night at Feeërieën this summer. (KO)

Cosey Fanni Tutti

9 April – Huis 23

As a core member of COUM Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle she was one of the key players in the British avant-garde and experimental performance and music scene of the ‘70’s. Later with Chris & Cosey, as a solo artist and as trio with Carter Tutti Void (with Nikki Void of Factory Floor) she has made very captivating electronic music. I think that she’s one of the artists that has changed the course of music and influenced many generations that came after her. She’s just turned 65, has written her autobiography and will present it during a lecture / interview at BRDCST. (ML)

More info about BRDCST here.