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Music: Dasychira


Dasychira, named after a furry breed of tussock moths, debuts with Immolated on Blueberry Records, which blessed us with Elysia Crampton’s mighty American Drift last year. The EP was written and composed in between Johannesburg, Berlin and New York and therefore reflects the absence of any connection to space and time, incorporated in this body of work. Both artwork and concept deal with Dasychira’s fascination for insects like the praying mantis and their process of physical reincarnation that ‘runs parallel to my feeling of inner adaptation to re-stabilise myself when I find myself in a new environment’. Highlights are ‘Caduceus’ or the stonecold ballad ‘Vipera’, mainly because of the angel sweet vocals of Embaci. As bonus track, Eaves Hardcore’s remix of ‘Caduceus’ is a potential post-club anthem.

NON Worldwide presents The Great Disappointment

In just two years, NON Worldwide has become a household name in the scene. The label, founded by Chino Amobi, Nkisi and Angel-Ho, exclusively features artists from Africa and the African diaspora. The NON Worldwide artists’ music is mainly a tool to expose social exclusion and the consequences of colonisation today and in the past. For CTM festival in Berlin the collective took their social critique to a new level and pioneered an innovative way to showcase their engaged music. NON transferred hyper eclectic music into a scripted performance by including club music, live singing, dance choreography, masquerade and visual stage design. For the first time, the label embraced a contemporary approach to support its emancipatory message. This step from internet-only music to theatre is audacious and extremely ambitious, characterising the collective’s determination to make their voice heard. Tour intentions for this multidisciplinary concept have not yet been announced, but similar initiatives can be expected in the future. For now, Nkisi will play solo at Vooruit on 31 March (ffm).


Until 27 March at Vitrin 21, Brussels
Free entrance


@patricktheminihorse, @realgrumpycat, @biddythehedgehog: animals on Instagram who have more followers than you. There was a time when people neatly put pictures of their pets in private albums or in a frame on the chimney-piece, instead of bombing the world wide web with it. Brussels art center, Recyclart, pays tribute to the old-fashioned way of pet photography, without judgement. It asked Bosnian-Belgian photographer Esteban Miraflores, who photographed ‘Brusseleirs’ with their beloved animals, to dig up some photos out of his private collection. All you crazy cat ladies and other pet lovers stop scrolling through instapets’ accounts and get your daily portion of fluffiness at vitrin 21 (right next to Bar Recyclart).


Print on demand – Manor Grunewald

riot print on demand

Underneath the headquarters of Subbacultcha lies RIOT, the bookshop/gallery of graphic designer Jurgen Maelfeyt. Today this art space is hosting the expo of Manor Grunewald, a Ghentian painter with German roots. Using the black-and-white copy machine as his main tool in an elaborated transformation process, Grunewald creates hybrid artworks. He always starts with an image found in daily life (newspapers, cartoons, hobby instructions, …), which he subsequently distorts by copying it. Then he transfers this copy process – white edges, reflections, blow-ups, blurs – onto his canvases. Doing so he makes new images that unveil new pictorial information. You can discover his copy magic at RIOT until the 14th of April.

Museum Night Fever

museum night fever

That blinding beam of light that you can see shooting into space from Brussels can only mean one thing: Museum Night Fever is upon us. On the night of March 11, the town will be ablaze with 23 museums staying up past their bedtime. Hop on the free shuttle blus and jostle with the crowds as some of the top art institutions in town showcase exciting new performances and installations all through the night. We are particularly looking forward to Benoit-Bo’s interactive mask game at Centrale For Contemporary Art, Cinematek’s DJ vs VJ soirée (with Stel-R, Shazzula, Epicerie Moderne, and more), and STEP UP! Belgian Dance and Performance on Camera over at Argos (free for members!) Let the night bus be your museum guide and enjoy the ride.

Lazy Mom


Fighting the Man has never been so deliciously literal, but that seems to be part of what Josie Keefe and Phyllis Ma are going for with their bizarrely mouth-watering project Lazy Mom. With hundreds of surreal, funny, eye-poppingly colourful and seriously addictive photos, Lazy Mom is meant for those of us looking to take our food porn needs to another demented level. In the mood for shrimp cocktail on a triple-layer chocolate cake? Or how’s about pickle fondue? Maybe a bed of crushed eggs in the morning? Or a mac and cheese margarita? Let’s Eat the Patriarchy indeed.

Screen Tests

Screen Tests

Within a person lurk many personalities. Within a woman, these personalities are so predictable that they can be boiled down to a few essential formulations. Right? Well, photographer-director Marissa Kaiser decided to expose these stereotypes in the short movie Screen Tests (via NOWNESS). Model Ashley Smith adopts the multiple personas that women are all too often associated with – the insecure housewife, the cool seductress, the no-nonsense materialist – to deliver a monologue under the scrutinous eye of a casting agent and, by extension, the rest of the world. Smith’s ability to deliver simultaneous strength and vulnerability through each character’s individual idiosyncrasies is as dazzling as it is poetic – a testament to the innate power lurking beneath each woman, whatever her exterior appears to betray.

Ray Fuego

Ray Fuego

Described by one of our colleagues as a ‘punk and posh version of 2Pac’, Ray Fuego hails from the outer rims of south east Holland to bring us his smooth-as-silk brand of trap. Formerly of the Bummy Boys, Ray Fuego’s solo project sees him weaving between Dutch and English and laying  out his worldview over heavy, gloomy beats that are as stylish as they are catchy. As part of the SMIB collective, he is already a fixture in the burgeoning experimental hip hop scene over in the Netherlands, so it’s only a matter of seconds before we see him Turn Up in the rest of the Low Countries.