Recent Finds

February 2017

selected and approved by Gabriela, Hannes and Isaline


anima mirae mizue

Calling all animation freaks: the iconic Brussels Animation Film Festival is once more landing in Flagey, from 24 February to 5 March. Over 40 different full-length movies and 240 shorts will be screened, with a VR room for the more intrepid travellers out there. We here at Subbacultcha are especially digging the Animated Night: spread out over three heavy programmes, it’s a full night of humour, irony, the crazy and the trashy, alongside animators from all over the world. With special guest Mirai Mizue, the young Japanese filmmaker famed for his abstract animations. He will be giving Anima a taste of his second passion, VJ-ing, along with a DJ from Meakusma.



Associated with the popular Bala Club collective, Killavesi’s name and voice may already sound familiar. However, now backed by partner-in-life-and-work Adamn Killa, 2017 might be the ultimate breakthrough year for Killavesi. The Chicago rapper with the unmistakable pink hair, formerly in a duo with Nina Tech, is now forging a career of her own. She has a distinct style of rapping characterised by autotune, mumbling and a good sense of rhythm, spit over stunning productions from the likes of h!tkidd, Hi Tom and others. She often sounds almost annoyed, marking the influence of professional sad boys Yung Lean and Uli K. Still, with catchy hooks and melancholic verses, she grabs the gaze of the Instagram generation like no one else. Catch her together with Adamn Killa and an insane line-up of other promising artists at Sonic Acts in Amsterdam later this month.

Le Makeup

le makeup

Le Makeup, the moniker of Osaka born and raised 井入啓介 (Keisuke Iiri), recently surfaced from the seemingly endless SoundCloud universe. Still under 20, but already grabbing international attention, the producer’s work recalls the atmosphere of Fade to Mind’s repertoire or even Arca. His first release, Esthe, just came out on the Ashida Park imprint, a freshly founded label from Vienna’s vibrant club scene. Its hybrid electronic arrangements are made for dim dancefloors only disturbed by sparse light beams. The EP’s highlight, ‘Akasithia’, echoes obscure thoughts and self-reflection, while sampling repetitive Spanish vocals. Different ominous patterns flow seamlessly on and into each other, conflicting with synths or drums which, in the end, will leave you alienated and euphoric at the same time.

Bert Huyghe: Yay team. I know I can do it. Just put me in, coach.


until 11 March – Rossicontemporary, Brussels, free entrance

Art gallery Rossicontemporary presents the first solo exhibition of Ghent-based artistic wunderkind Bert Huyghe – musician, writer, performer, graphic designer. Currently, most of his time is spent in his studio, creating multi-layered canvases with a punk-pop attitude. At his current expo, Huyghe – aka the Golden Boy of Oil Paint – shows a series of abstract pictures inspired by football shirts. Teaming sports imagery with contemporary art, he aims to tackle the divisions between ‘high art’ and ‘pop culture’. And that intention trickles all the way down to his influences, which include both artists like Raoul De Keyzer and football heroes like Zidane.


White sun grey thoughts

white sun

until 3 March – Deborah Bowmann Studio, Brussels, free entrance

Founded in Amsterdam but relocated to Saint-Gilles in 2015, Deborah Bowmann is a project space run by two French artists, Amaury Daurel and Victor Delestre. Crisscrossing the division between shop and art gallery, Deborah Bowmann is an independent platform where the founders showcase and sell their own – and others’ – work. Although we’re still recovering from our holiday hangover, the two artists/shop managers are pleased to announce their Christmassy solo show, White sun grey thoughts, exhibiting two monstrous winter displays filled with homemade chocolate figurines. Unlike in Brussels’ surrounding chocolate stores, at Deborah Bowmann even the chocolate stands are for sale – as is everything at this artist-run space.