Antoine Beau Man

New Born UFOs is the graphic design studio of designer/artist/photographer Antoine Beau Man. It was built in 2012 on foundations of his former studio. UFO means Unlimited Future Opportunities. New Born UFOs go deep into the wild to return with fresh and raw images. Images which are amazing, repelling yet attractive. Images you did not know they would exist, that take you to new worlds and say ‘come along, there is more, much more’.

new.born.ufos_antoine.beau_man (3)

We are giving away a print on PVC/Forex-bord to 3 members who send us their Unlimited Future Opportunity.

Every week we feature an artist who crosses our path. We share what they do on our website and give our members a chance to win one of the works paraded. New audiences are found, work gets to be seen. We’re always looking for new and passionate artists, so if you think you might have something to contribute, mail us!

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