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December and January

Music: Home OST


If you’re not a fan of Belgian filmmaker Fien Troch, you will be thanks to her new film, Home. This will be in no small part due to the amazing soundtrack by LA producer/Chromatics multi-instrumentalist Johnny Jewel. Jewel’s score sublimely captures the intoxicating atmosphere of Troch’s dark coming-of-age story. Featuring songs from Chromatics and Symmetry, the synth-laced melodies and thumping beats perfectly evoke the invincibility and melancholy of teenage years. Home comes out 11/01/2017, but thankfully the soundtrack is out there, waiting for your listening ears.

International Film Festival Rotterdam


Between 25 January and 5 February, movie lovers should head to Rotterdam for the 46th edition of the IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam). With an accent on new and up-and-coming directors, the festival showcases over 200 films from 50 different countries. Our personal picks: Home (duh, see above), our own Fien Troch’s dark coming-of-age story; David Lynch: The Art Life, John Nguyen’s masterful documentary about the otherworldly master himself; and of course, Gimme Danger the much, much, MUCH anticipated Jim Jarmusch documentary about the baddest band ever, The Stooges. Rotterdam is close enough: no excuses!

Imagineers In The Underworld


Last issue’s Featured Artist Spencer Clark has something up his trickster sleeve once more; namely, four evenings of projections and performances devoted to ‘unheard masters of reverie’ over at Bozar. This series illuminates the depth of non-academic fantasy art and its practitioners in the 20th and 21st centuries, and celebrates artists on this and other dimensions. Having started last month with a look at HR Giger’s universe, we can still enjoy three more sessions: 16 December with Unarius Foundations (relating to the San Francisco UFO cult); 24 February with Alien Nasty Boys: The Myth Stories of Credo Mutwa; and 28 April with Edens and Auroras, byf the wonderful Amy Roselyne Faust. Mythical evenings for unreal days.



Just around the corner from Tour & Taxis, a new project is inspiring the community via actions and veggies. The Brussels nonprofit Parckfarm T&T was created by and for locals with the aim of creating a sustainable community dynamic as well as a platform for urban farmers. With a luminous greenhouse hosting workshops and community meals, a patch of land for animals to hang out in and now their own food truck, Parckfarm has tons to offer in terms of activities and lovely things to smell, taste and be a part of.

Balades Sonores

Whoever said record shops are dying didn’t count on all those who sneer at pessimistic forebodings. And the proof is in Balades Sonores, the spanking new store opposite the Botanique that’s been filling specific vinyl cravings since October. A smaller version of the highly popular Parisian original, the Brussels branch has all the traits that made its big sister a music-lovers’ staple: a fantastic selection of new and old, offbeat decor, an unassuming gallery space and a healthy roster of concerts and events to keep you coming back over and over. As they say in French, a true découverte – one to revisit and support!