Play & Produce

This Saturday Poppunt’s Play & Produce is taking over Vooruit in Ghent. The place to be for producers, DJs or electronic wizards. Expect inspirational talks, tips & tricks and business support from the finest people in the (inter)national music industry. One of them is Brussels-based DJ, 22tracks selector & ensemble co-founder Koen Galle aka Kong. Here’s his parcours for Saturday.

Dekmantel Soundsystem

The story of the Dekmantel crew is intriguing in various ways. Over the last few years their events became an international standard for underground music clubbing & festivals, they are part & pretty much the center of the booming Amsterdam scene, they have a label releasing great music every few months and they dj everywhere in the world. Nuff said?

San Soda

I’ve been in his basement studio in Berlin, where all his analog gear is set up and you can’t hardly move from one side to the other. I’ve got 90% of his productions in my vinyl collection. I’ve danced to his very well crafted dj-sets. This guy knows.


The lovely folks from are specialists when it comes to Funktion One Soundsystems and Rotary mixers. When I arrive at a party and they are in charge, I know there’s gonna be good times.

Mak Tongia

A dude coming all the way from New Zealand to showcase a machine called ‘Roland dj 808’, which should be a drummachine and digital dj-gear all in one, is what the program tries to sell us. Jeff Mills used to put an 808 next to his turntables, so what’s new? But let’s embrace new technology, to the future!

Lone & Faisal

Nu-rave producer Lone made some brilliant records. My personal favourite is ‘Emerald Fantasy Tracks’ from back in 2010. Curious to hear him discuss the insights of his studio with Faisal.

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