Recent Finds




This Fall, KASK will be launching an unprecedented venture: STOCK is a space where students can expose their artworks around themes such as authenticity and titles. They can offer them for sale to keen-eyed art lovers who know a future investment when they see one. Or maybe to any warm-blooded individual who wants to see something new from some of the most interesting young talents in the country. Whatever the case, Het Paviljoen will be the place where it will all converge. Come for a day of scouting for new art, meeting the fresh faces behind it and perhaps even walking off with something wonderful under your arm.

Idiott Smith


We’ve been keeping tabs on this one for a while. Hailing from the Netherlands, Idiott Smith is the embodiment of a 21st-century pop artist. His recent EP, What’s Ur First Name, dropped over the summer and has made him a fixture in the Subba mythos. Think: leering, slightly dissonant melodies, effective minimalist beats and powerful hooks to get you begging for more. ‘Fool’ is particularly addictive. For fans of BEA1991; the new pop royalty is definitely bold, beautiful (and Dutch). You saw them here first!



Brit escapee Gavin Maycroft has been an active presence in the underground music scene for a helluva long time now, DJ-ing all over the place and setting up shows in his Stockholm base for years now. It’s good news, then, that he’s put his incredible music knowledge, great networking skills and superior taste to the benefit of the world through his label Oma333. Existing for only three years, Oma333 already has a good couple of dozen releases under its belt, all beautifully presented and guaranteed to make your day. Notable releases include mixtapes by Tsembla and Miaux, great material from Kraus and Myttys and perhaps a new fave in Incidental Music for Invasion with her stunning self-titled tape. Get ’em before they’re gone – and they go fast, believe us!

’70s Sci Fi Art


For some people, utopia is something that is not only found within the scope of human imagination, but also far beyond our earthly limits. Certain artists some 40 years back knew that and managed to translate these potential realities through paintings that are all different in style yet similar in spirit; for contrary to the sleek, uber-functional future we imagine today, the visions of mankind’s apotheosis into the cosmos that appear on this Tumblr contain the kind of spiritual dimension that perhaps we’ve already lost. Staff favourites: the melty men of Horacio Salinas Blanch and the chimeric tarot-like works of Josef Dienst.

Eastern Daze III


Kraak is back at it with what they know how to do best: kickass festivals with some of the most interesting, ground-breaking and game-changing players in experimental music. 25-27 November will be the third edition of Eastern Daze, a collaboration with Vooruit where artists from all corners and all practices are united in order to entrance and hypnotise the unsuspecting audiences. With past acts like Master Musicians of Jajouka, Arnold Dreyblatt and Ashtray Navigations there were some big shoes to fill, but the selection does not disappoint: Mike Cooper, Bear Bones Lay Low, Typhonian Highlife, Les Filles de Illighadad and, excitingly, krautrock deity Manuel Göttsching playing his iconic album E2 – E4 for the first time in Belgium.

Nonlocal Society


Somewhere on the literal edge of the world, in Cutipay in the south of Chile, some very strange things are happening. Themes like nonlocality, diverted planes of existence, mental ecology and the hyperreal are explored, distilled and condensed into multiple art forms that stretch into the outer limits of worldly fathomings. Nonlocal Society is a three-person collective made up of two Chileans, Reverend Thompson and False Sir Nicolas, and Belgian alien Siet Rae. Together they explore their inner and projected realms through sound, film, paintings and collage, forming a cohesive entity feeding on the group’s boundless curiosity and imagination. Their website is the main portal of activity; let yourself in and intuition will do the rest.