In front of the ocean
under the cliff
on the granite wall
these hands
wide open
Blue and black
Blue like the water
Black like the night
The man came alone into the cave
in front of the ocean
All the hands are the same size
he was alone
The man alone in the cave looked
into the noise
into the noise of the sea
the immensity of things
And he cried out
“You who have a name, who have been given
an identity, I love you.

Sabzian recently published the voice-over text of Marguerrite Duras’ Les mains négatives (1979) in a Dutch translation and the French original. Nina de Vroome translated the text to accompany her own writing on this seminal short film. This month, we also feature Elias Grootaers’ English translation.

Right Now, Wrong Then

(Hong Sang-Soo, 2015)


Repeating the same event he built up in the first ‘half’ of the film (a director meets a young artist in Suwon, where his film is showing, and falls in love with her), Hong Sang-Soo plays with variations in the gestures, gazes and opinions of his characters, patiently dissecting this ephemeral relationship and meanwhile showing us two versions of the same man, of the same woman, of the same film.

9 November 20.00  Cinema Zuid, Antwerp

Bilder der Welt und Inschrift des Krieges

(Harun Farocki, 1989)


In 1944, when allied bombers photographed the Farben chemical plant as a possible target, they accidentally created photographic evidence of the nearby Auschwitz concentration camp. However, since the image did not have the function of showing Auschwitz, the camp remained unseen. Harun Farocki died two years ago but his words and images keep on echoing; in this film he gently directs our gaze towards the images we make and the context we make them in, thus allowing us to see again.

18 November 21.00 Cinematek, Brussels