Schiev Festival

Located in the pedestrian heart of the capital, this three-day event (11-13 November) is the initiative of SHAPE, a platform for innovative music and audiovisual art from Europe. Schiev offers an avant-garde pop but still eclectic lineup made accessible for a vast audience. We asked #subbafam member and curator Kidula Guillaume to select his favourite Belgian artists on the line-up.

Sky H1

I was really surprised by the release of SKYH1’s album Motion. I had been following her work and that of the different crews she was part of for quite a while, and I was expecting something totally different. Her sound became really personal and unique on that record. With sets going from lower-key melancholic lullabies to exuberant vocals and glassy, lucid tones, she seemed like the perfect choice to enter the festival.

 Pizza Noise Mafia

I was pondering about Saturday night and I thought it would be cool to end it in a very abrupt way and just allow everyone to go silly. Pizza Noise Mafia are so perfect for that: just imagine people bouncing off the walls to a risset sound, with 140-bmp piercing kicks and blaring sirens all over.


What I find amazing about Capelo’s music is how straightforward it is. This is pure pop music, the kind you want to listen to in the car, on the way to the beach, whistle in the shower or include in that mixtape you’ve been preparing for ages for your lover. They play on Sunday, when everyone’s exhausted after two full festival days: hope we will all go emo and dance to a slow while the sun goes down.

Schiev Festival takes place at Beursschouwburg, Brussels between 11 and 13 November. More info here. Day 3 ft. Capelo, Empty Taxi, Raze de soare, l’ocelle mare, Front De Cadeaux is free for Subbacultcha members. Join here