Photo Essay

Elysia Crampton

In the midst of huayños and R&B, cumbia and crunk, the landscape of Elysia Crampton’s music is a mountainous one. Its sheer rolling mass tells numerous tales, from collages of already storied samples to her own South and Central American and indigenous history. At the same time, oscillating between rocky, unstable points of reference, her music is equally mountainous in its formation, as of shifting plates highlighting the temporal nature of our selves. Demon City, released this summer, is a set of collaborative tracks featuring Chino Amobi, Why Be, Rabit and Lexxi. This ‘epic poem’ as she calls it, proves Crampton’s ability to evolve musically by incorporating sounds linked to her indigenous origins and inviting friends to create a more textured and danceable electronic environment.

Photos shot by Boychild

Elysia Crampton plays at Vooruit, Ghent on 22 October. The show is free for members. Become a member here