We Visit You

Laura Bonne

Age: 24
Zodiac sign: lobster

Tell us, what do you do in life?
I studied art history and right now I’m doing my last year of journalism. I love writing, so I hope to combine that skill with my cultural interest in the future. I’m working for Subbacultcha right now and if everything goes well, I’m moving to Amsterdam in a few months. I’ll see what the future brings!

What inspires you?
Motivated people who use their talents without becoming arrogant.

What kind of music are you listening to at the moment?
At this time, a lot of Serge Gainsbourg actually. He has one album called Histoire de Melody Nelson that I think is very good. And David Bowie, I’ve always been a huge fan.

Generally, the music I listen to depends very much on the mood I’m in. I like a lot of different music genres, from krautrock to funk and soul, techno or hip hop. One of the few things I can’t stand is trap and reggae.

When I’m by myself I mostly listen to Seventies or Eighties music actually. One of my favourite bands is Can, one of the first German krautrock groups. I saw their former drummer, Jaki Liebezeit, playing in Ghent a few months ago: he’s 78 but still very alive.

One more album pops uinto my mind right now. My boyfriend bought it a few months ago and it’s really one of those records you can listen to every day without getting tired of it: The Big Dream by David Lynch. Amazing.

What does an ideal lazy Sunday look like for you?
Staying in bed for some time after I’ve woken up, eating breakfast at noon. Taking a bath, reading the newspaper or a book. Going out to a flea market, to drink coffee or visit a museum. And then pre-dinner drinks.

Any guilty pleasures?
Joyce Sims, The Carpenters, disco music in general. Very much.