A-Wa (pronounced “ay-wa”) is Tair, Liron and Tagel Haim; three sisters who once grew up in a small desert village in Israel. Now, they’re constantly on the road, bringing a combination of Yemenite folk singing, electronic dance music and a lot of natural groove to the people of the world. In preparation for their show on 5 August at Esperanzah! festival —think summery, exotic music and some great vibes— we asked the trio what they were listening to these days. Laying back in the car a lot whilst touring, it ended up a playlist for the road.

Whitney – No Woman

A fun chill song to wake up to.


Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir – Like A Ship (Without A Sail)

Our tour manager once played this amazing recording and we were blown away by the powerful vocal harmonies.

Ahwak – Abdel Halim Hafez اهواك – عبد الحليم حافظ

This song takes us to a childhood memory, when we used to watch an Egyptian movie every Friday on the Israeli channel 1.

Tzafri Duo – Sing צמד צפרי – שירו

A beautiful mix of Yemenite style with classical Hebrew.


Beirut – Elephant Gun

It’s always fun to listen to the warm sound of Beirut, a great mixture of indie-rock with elements of Balkan and world music.


Débruit – Kaciyorum with Gaye Su Akyol

We really love Debruit and even got to meet him a while ago in Le Nuit Sonores festival when we realized that his green room was right next to ours.

Vashti Bunyan – Train Song

This lovely song from the 70’s is the perfect track to listen to on the way back home.