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Zomerfilmcollege 2016

10-16 July, Antwerp

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‘I can’t help but see in the work of Chantal Akerman a very peculiar kind of “documentary realism”. As a desire to portray objects very precisely and accurately. It’s not vraisemblance or (illusory) reality effects – rather about innuendoes that are controllable for insiders. I don’t know if Jeanne Dielman’s kitchen feels real – for who has known it? – it is astoundingly recognisable. It is probably possible to see Akerman’s films as a venture to portray certain objects correctly and totally.’ (Daniel Robberechts)

Every year Vlaamse Dienst voor Filmcultuur organises a week-long symposium bridging the gap between cinephiles and scholars. More than 15 talks (both in English and Dutch) and 20 screenings make up this year’s ‘Zomerfilmcollege’ focused on the work of Chantal Akerman on the one hand and a musical genre on the other. To get up to speed, read our tribute to Akerman on

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Danièle Huillet & Jean-Marie Straub, 1999


Then one fine day you realise that it’s better to see as little as possible. You have a sort of reduction, only it’s not a reduction; it’s a concentration and it actually says more. But you don’t do this immediately from one day to the next! You need patience. A sigh can become a novel.’ (Straub)

Flagey, Brussels, 13, 19, 27 & 31 July and 24 August

Cinematek Retrospectives: Jacques Rivette & film noir

Rivette (1)

Two very different kinds of refuge at Cinematek this summer. Find our selection of both the Jacques Rivette programme and the film noir cycle at

I think that the cinema, even at its most naturalistic, is always secretly involved in levels of dream and fantasy, and that we must see the so-called director as a kind of psychoanalyst. Like the psychoanalyst, the director does not talk, he listens – but this is, of course, just a metaphor.’ (Rivette)

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