Films you need to see in June

Dissent! Homeland: Iraq Year Zero 

Abbas Fahdel, 2015 (334’)

Homeland Iraq year zero

With this film I wanted to give a face to the Iraqi people”. What does it mean to give a face to a people? How can cinema accomplish this trying task? Twenty-five years ago, while commenting on the coverage of the Persian Gulf War, Serge Daney remarked that one crucial element was missing: the eyes of the other. This was a conflict […] that was basically a faceoff between two ways of not making an image, as both camps pulled back to their own “visual,” consisting of nothing but a calculated flow of clichés and stereotypes which no longer testify to anything “other.” Shots without reverse shot, visualizations without information, winners without losers: nothing but an optical verification of power. In this sphere of pure signalization, nothing resists any longer.’ (Stoffel Debuysere)

The screening will be followed by a talk with director Abbas Fahdel.
Bozar Cinema, Brussels, 11 June, 13.00—22.00


Nicolas Humbert & Werner Penzel Programme

Humbert & Penzel

Humbert and Penzel’s oeuvre runs as an unexpected journey past strange countries, sometimes far away and sometimes very close by, in the here and now. They point their camera at the daily lives of men and women whose principal language consists of gestures and of breathing. Here, filming means looking and listening, sharing the moment, restoring it with even more life, for us to discover the darkness of the cinema. Films and concerts in the presence of the directors.

Cinema Nova, Brussels 9—12 June

Landscape in the Mist

(Theo Angelopoulos, 1988)


This last scene of “Landscape in the Mist” was a revelation for me. It is a unique […] moment, which surprised me, because I had always thought of the Greek tradition as exclusively one of stones, rocks, and gods. […] I saw in that scene a challenge to every inhibition and authority. This is why I would use Bergman’s words to say that the goal of cinema is to bring the dream back into our life, to help us confront life’s difficulties’. (Dusan Makavejev)

Cinema Zuid, Antwerp, 14 June, 20.00

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