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Sabzian’s 3rd anniversary

Chikamatsu_02A director should never stop being young.’ (Kenji Mizoguchi)

On 7 May, Sabzian celebrates its third anniversary in Cinema Nova in Brussels with a festive evening dedicated to the love of cinema. This year we’re screening Chikamatsu monogatari [The Crucified Lovers] (Kenji Mizoguchi, 1954). Probably the most beautiful Japanese film about love – impossible love – it’s a quest for a ‘centre’ where the world and man are reconciled. A film about lovers in 19th-century Japan, their faces are more eloquent than most words and images today. The need for this kind of ‘art of modulation’, as Jacques Rivette called it, hasn’t diminished in half a century. We’d love to have you over and celebrate it with us!

Takizawa: To conclude, according to you, what is mise-en-scène?
Mizoguchi: It’s man! One must try to express man adequately.
(Fragment of an interview published in Eiga Hyoron, 1952)

Screening 7 May, 20.00 at Cinema Nova, Brussels

Berwick Street Film Collective, 1975

the-nightcleaners‘The film was about the distance between us and the nightcleaners, between the women’s movement and the nightcleaners, and was choreographing a situation in which communication was absolutely near enough impossible.’ (Marc Karlin)

Filming the invisible lives of women and their struggle for better work conditions required a radical approach both formally and in terms of production. If you missed it at Courtisane Festival, be sure to get a look at this important film now.

Screening 16 May, 20.00 at Art Cinema Offoff, Ghent

Grands travaux
Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes, 2016

unnamedFollowing a school year with fourth-year electrical installation students at a vocational school in Brussels, Grands travaux documents and stages that which gives shape to their lives: practical assignments and classes at school, football, the ups and downs of their love lives, the ongoing search for housing and employment. Depicting the daily life within the school walls, Grands travaux also aims at sketching an image of Brussels today, placing its youngsters at the very centre.

Various dates in May at Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels

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