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Prince Rama

Brooklyn psych-dance duo is the design of sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson. Avery Tare of Animal Collective set the ball rolling through a stumble upon the “Now Age” pair in a Texas dive bar; soon after they were signed onto Paw Tracks Records. In four years they’ve put out seven albums, Xtreme Now most recently (4 March/Carpark). One glance at a video or album cover reveals the eccentric nature of the Larsons, not to mention weird stories of raccoon attacks in Central Park.

Wolf Eyes

For nearing two decades, Detroit’s Wolf Eyes have been honing their unique cacophony of experimental music, taking from industrial, death metal, hardcore, free jazz and anything else they can get their razor-edged claws into. Whether you’re an obsessive of sonic abjection or a general fan of having your ears twisted into shapes you didn’t know possible, you’ll want to experience a night of Wolf Eyes.


Starting out in an old school building in Leiderdorp, the solo project of Domenico Mangione grew into the five man band that Torii is this day. Our buddies from Subbacultcha Holland have been witnessing the evolution and expansion of Torii and their self proclaimed ‘idiosyncratic indie pop’, and after several incredible performances at their L.A.N. events they’ll be heading down Incubate.


Sometimes you’re in the mood for discussing geopolitics over roasted wild boar and a fine glass of red wine, and sometimes you’re in the mood for scarfing pizza, chugging beers, smoking shitty weed and doing doughnuts in your high-school parking lot. Glasgow-based pop punk trio PAWS make music well suited for the latter. Similar to contemporaries like Yuck, Japandroids and Cloud Nothings, PAWS draw inspiration from the sweet riffage and raucous energy of ’90s icons like Dinosaur Jr, the Pixies and Nirvana.


Ggu:ll is a Tilburg based doom / metal band that is on the verge of releasing their debut album on Van Records. According to Vincent Koreman (artistic director Incubate) its the most intense, bone crushing, dark piece of metal he has heard in a long time. These guys will take over the international scene like an oil spill takes over baby birds in the Pacific.

Incubate takes place at Tilburg between 13 and 15 May. Info and tickets here.