Nacht van de Experimentele Film

Yukoku (Patriotism/ Ritual of Love and Death) by Yukio Mishima with a live soundtrack by Croatian Amor

The one and only film by the Japanese author Mishima, based on his short novel ‘Patriotism’. A pretty accurate rehearsal of his own suicide by seppuku. He was influenced by the Japanese ritual theatre. This historical document has rarely been shown on a large screen and is now completely restored.

Fuses by Carolee Schneemann with a live soundtrack by Erik Enocksson

This masterpiece of Eros is a breathtaking statement of feminist cinema. Schneemann herself is starring in the film with her lover. By means of several experimental interventions like painting on pellicule, the images are loaded with sexual energy.

Dream Work by Peter Tscherkassky with a live soundtrack by Opéra Mort

One of the most important artists of the found footage genre is Peter Tscherkassky from Austria. If you like Man Ray and surrealism, you will be impressed by the pulsating rhythms (no computer editing) and clair-obscur effects. Film as a way of “collective dreaming”.

Under the Heat Lamp an Opening by Zachary Epcar

Our jury’s favourite of the open-call programme ‘Young Vagrants’. We received entries by young artists from all over the world! This Californian director provides an expanded view of the lunch crowd at an open-air restaurant, from a bird’s-eye of the exterior to the depths of the interior.

Nacht van de Experimentele Film takes place at 019, Ghent on 15 and 16 April. Get tickets here