Guidelines for Sonàr 2016

Feel like crossing borders this Summer and explore music elsewhere in this world? Then start off with Barcelona’s Sònar festival (16-18 June), as #subbafam member and Barça based Anna Basqués made us a list on all shows essential for this year’s edition.


Gazelle Twin
Brighton-based art-rocker Elizabeth Bernholz, aka Gazelle Twin, tears off her skin with the breathtaking and bloody scary album Unflesh. Taking elements from industrial noise and body horror films, deeply personal songs, with titles such as ‘Guts’, ‘Anti Body’ and ‘Belly of the Beast’, are a cathartic trip through a vengeful subsconscious.

Danny L Harle
Being draped in a ultra-glossy cloak of mystery, the exact nature of London-based label PC Music is hard to pinpoint. One could say it’s a label, subgenre and subculture at once. AG Cook seems to be the man in charge, Danny L Harle (from Dux Content) and LOGO Magazine’s Hannah Diamond are his partners in crime – or should we say magic? – although Sophie, Kanye West and GFOTY also frequent the inner circle. Incorporating whatever influence they find suitable, PC Music is releasing some of the freshest and most exciting pop around these days, sounding colourful and plasticy, including Loving Dux Content’s ‘Like You’, Thy Slaughter’s ‘Bronze’ and Harle’s ‘Broken Flowers’.

Nozinja is the undoubted king of Shangaan electro. Hailing from the slums of Limpopo, the genre is one unique, retro-futuristic sound. Think traditional South-African melodies, combined with Kwaito house, Tsonga disco and Nineties rave influences, brought to you at the speed of 190 BPM.

With an educational background in classical music and a dexterity for the violin and contrabass, Hiele  decided to homeschool himself in making electronic soundscapes with synthesizers.

Oneohtrix Point Never
Maybe you’re not too familiar with the artist known as Oneohtrix Point Never; it’s even possible you won’t pay too much attention to this gig. If we tell you, however, that it’s the recording name of Brooklyn-based Daniel Lopatin and that he contributed to Sophia Coppola’s latest film, The Bling Ring, wouldn’t that change the whole dynamic? Thought so.