Marius Petrus

As a youngster Op ‘t Eynde filled his days with playing the saxophone, flute and keyboards. Nowadays he’s the man behind the menswear label MariusPetrus. Music sets his mood, supports and inspires him on a daily basis. According to Op t’ Eynde he doesn’t spend a day working without an eclectic mish mash soundtrack in the background, ranging from electronic music to hip-hop, jazz and the odd modern classical. These are his classics.

Mr. Carmack – Jay-Z

I used to be really into trap a few years ago, when it started getting more widely known and the first ClitClap parties happened in Antwerp. Unfortunately, quite soon the whole trap thing got very commercial, ending up sounding more like top 40 dance. This track gives a nice crossover between hip-hop and trap. It really gets me in a good (working) mood.

Post Malone – Tears

This jam is definitely one of the most commercial tracks in the list. Great one to sing (loudly and badly) along to in my studio. And also a thought to keep in mind, when there’s a (financial) setback, that it’s not just about the money.

Atu – Vacant

I first heard one of Atu’s tracks in a London store a couple of years ago. I asked one of the store employees who was playing and ever since he’s one of my favourites when I need to clear my mind and unwind after a busy day.

Nils Frahm – Said and done

I grew up with classical music at home, which broadened my musical taste and taught me great respect for (classical) musicians. We listened a lot to Philip Glass at my dad’s house, which must be the reason why I appreciate Nils Frahm so much. There’s something haunting, dramatic yet beautiful and peaceful in all his music. His music would work well for a MariusPetrus presentation.

Skepta – Shutdown

Skepta might be the most well known Grime artist out there, but that doesn’t make Shutdown any less of a banger. Tracks like these ensure the right mood whilst working and traveling, in my opinion a good example of a nice balance of raw and polished – something that I continuously strive for in my work as well.

Marius’ label recently released the lookbook of his upcoming AW16 collection online. His S/S16 collection is now available at select retailers. More info here.