Artefact is the annual arts meeting in Leuven centred around contemporary visual culture, current events and societal challenges. The festival, this year themed ‘Up in the Air’, questions how poetic, political and economic parametres guide our relationship with airspace. Each year, it also includes a music component. These are our picks for the opening night and the three-day Artefact Music Festival.

09-21 February – STUK, Leuven
by Julien Van de Casteele & Gabriela Gonzalez

09 February – opening night
Line-up: Lorenzo Senni – AAT + Hiele + Hantrax

Our pick: Lorenzo Senni – AAT
No need to introduce this Milanese casanova any more. Senni is back for a Belgian premiere of his new piece entitled AAT, short for ‘Advanced Abstract Trance’. AAT is a 36-minute and 48-second audio piece assembling ‘breakdowns, falling basses, flattened pre-build-up states and non-uplifting musical regions in trance, hard trance, hardstyle and hardcore’. Yeah?

18 February – Day 1
Line-up: Powell + Fis + SAGAT + Kassett + Filosofischestilte + Nosedrip

Our pick: SAGAT
A mysterious shape-shifter whose tunes are as elusive and murky as their maker. Expect slow-burning techno heard from within the confines of a concrete dystopia.

19 February – Day 2
Line-up: Shapednoise + Samuel Kerridge – Fatal Light Attraction + Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat

Our pick: Samuel Kerridge – Fatal Light Attraction
Berlin-based artist Samuel Kerridge will set foot in STUK for the duration of an evening to perform his recently released effort Fatal Light Attraction. The seven-track LP is a noise adventure guided in real time by a live coding system and a source of intense light surrounding the Mancunian performer.

21 February – Day 3
Line-up:  William Basinski + John Bence + Amatorski + Christina Vantzou + Ansatz Der Maschine + Rafael Anton Irisarri

Our pick: Christina Vantzou
Hailing from Kansas and based in Brussels, artist and musician Christina Vantzou creates hypnotic, meticulously crafted compositions through modular synthesizers and orchestral arrangements. A meditative, immersive experience.