The Sound of The Belgian Underground

Since its creation in 2011, Subbacultcha has been promoting the most progressive independent music and art of the moment. The organization has found an ideal working model to already support fascinating acts from local and foreign soils in an early stage, with the assistance of its membership, monthly magazine and concerts. Under the title ‘The Sound Of The Belgian Underground’, Subbacultcha and AB collect local musical talent that is active on the fringe; bands that focus on artistic freedom and not necessarily the public at large. Here’s the line-up.

by Julien Van de Casteele & Gabriela Gonzalez


Youff is a drums and bass duo that produces fast-paced and chaotic noise rock. Formed just three years ago, the band has already released BAIT, a strong four-track EP that was recorded throughout rehearsal and jam sessions.


The three-headed beast named Shetahr is making its mark through a gaggle of nonsensical lyrics, klunky guitar riffs and the pounding beat of raging energy incarnate. Moody, eloquently absurd and unapologetically raw, nobody loves this band as much as you will.


Samuelspaniel is the moniker of Brussels-based producer Luca Derom, who used to run DRLR records together with Kassett.  He’ll provide us with some warm and hazy beats.

Cocaine Piss

Searing and screeching all the way from Liège, this female-fronted outfit is the redefinition of fast and furious. With their harsh barrage of overpowering snippets, the energy from this trio is nothing but contagious. Steve Albini can confirm.

Mathieu Serruys

The Ghent-based noise explorer has landed to show his delicate, hypnotising dreamscapes, all of which betray an acute appreciation of texture and layering in sound.

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Wulfy Benzo

Young and hungry: these are the first two things that come to mind when you see Wulfy Benzo. With his own take on brainy, unconventional and very much out-there rap, Wulfy is not one for limitations.

Orphan Swords

Menacing industrial beats verging on techno is the product of Orphan Swords’ quest to experiment and tease dance music. The Brussels-based duo has been catching a lot of attention for their mature sound and bringing EBM back to life with a modern touch.

Mittland Och Leo

Joke Leonare and Milan Warmoeskerken have landed with their synth-powered, beat-infused ethereal melodies. Their highly-lauded LP, Optimists, is full of aural, atmospheric tropicalia evoking a Kirby’s Dreamland take on exotica, making this power duo the true sweethearts of the underground.

Roman Hiele

With an educational background in classical music and a dexterity for the violin and contrabass, Hiele  decided to homeschool himself in making electronic soundscapes with synthesizers.

Different Fountains

‘Soulcore junkpop’ is how this Brussels-based Austro-Venezuelan duo describes the music genre it has been making since 2010. Bernardo on guitar and contrabass, Michael on sampler and synths, Different Fountains guarantees some of the most unconventional live setups you’ll ever see.