Sega Bodega Playlist

Salvador Navarrete aka Sega Bodega released his Activia Benz debut Sportswear last month and plays his first Belgian show at the Heartbroken party this Friday. A couple of days before he’s flying over to Brussels we asked Navarreta about his favourite songs of 2015.

1.Bea1991 – Wrong

It’s hard to pick a favourite with hers because it’s all hits the same level, but this one is fun ’cause of how quick it is, even though its also super super chill. Also it could come out in 5 years time or 1997 and i’d be like ‘yeah, this suits now’.

2. Lorenzo Senni – Forever Headline 

This one is pretty relentless, super super hard as well (considering thats its probably only like 3 layers). And it deserves patience also.

3. Oklou – 22

This song started playing in the ‘Related tracks’ bit on Soundcloud randomly, thought it was some hans zimmer / dj dean type edit. Equal to both.

4. Oneohtrix Point Never  – Animals

I’m not gonna bother try and sum up why love this in 2 sentences cause it goes way beyond that. Listen to Anmials here.

5. Sophie – Just Like We Never Said Goodbye

Just like the Lorenzo Senni tune, this song manages to really get so intense but with limited tools. I really admire that approach of totally understanding that less can be much much more.

Sega Bodega plays Heartbroken #3 at La Bodega in Brussels on Saturday 28 November. The party is free for Subbacultcha members. Sign up here.