Primavera Club

We’ve already talked about how Primavera Sound isn’t an underground event anymore but we forgot to mention that there’s a smaller, much cooler version that takes place in Fall called Primavera Club, where a good bunch of international upcoming artists play in Barcelona for the first time.

Like some sort of Le Guess Who?, the festival takes place from Friday to Sunday at different venues in Barcelona: the great Teatro Latino at Ramblas, La [2] Apolo and Sala Apolo; the last two surrounded by super cheap bars and terraces where you can hang in-between shows. The festival continues at Apolo with the usual night session and begins the day after around 6 – 8PM, making it a much chiller and more easy going (and cheaper!) version of Primavera.

Some of our all-time Subba faves were there – like U.S. Girls and Jessica Pratt – as well as exciting new promises; Chastity Belt (the coolest girls on earth), Ultimate Painting (comprised of Veronica Falls’ James Hoare and Mazes’ Jack Cooper) and Heather – Barcelona’s post-punk shoegaze band of the year .

The two best shows were by party sextet from Glasgow Golden Teacher (they made us dance until we couldn’t breathe) and Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk. The latter isn’t only considered one of the world’s fastest pianists and noted for his continuous music method that left everyone mesmerised, but he also got time to share some good pieces of wisdom with the audience. Luckily, as the venues are indoors, the sound is so much nicer and richer.
It felt like a truly priceless experience, and we can’t wait for next year’s edition.

Text and Photos by Anna Baqués