Kevin Morby

Kevin Morby is on a huge Nina Simone kick currently. Listen to his playlist and get into the mood for the shows at Leffingeleuren and Het Bos.

Leonard Cohen – Passing through

Who knows how I first heard this, but this song is my mantra. “Passing through. Sometimes happy, sometimes blue, glad that I ran into you”. Also – this recording is one of my favorite live recordings ever. It feels like he is up there with a bunch of other men and women who pop in and out whenever they want to. A big hippy party where everyone is probably high as a kite ¬†– singing out their wine mouths while playing to a seated theatre.

Nina Simone – Turn Me On

This is one of the sexiest songs i’ve ever heard, and it’s off my favorite Nina Simone album ‘Silk & Soul”. Needless to say – Nina Simone possesses some kind of power over her listeners. She’s as intimidating as she is talented. I always feel like if I don’t listen close enough, she’ll get pissed off at me and turn herself off. I just love the mental imagery of this song so much. Her drinking alone at home waiting for her man to return.

Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees

Kendrick is king. If i had to pick a favorite song off of Good Kid MAAD City, it’d be Money Trees. It makes me feel a whole lot of emotions all at once, and all the verses are over a really rad Beach House sample. Jay Rocks verse towards the end is the best.

Simon Joyner – Under My Skin Again

This is off of Simons latest record “Grass, Branch & Bone”. Simon is an unknown songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska. And for those of us who do know him, we are die hards – a tight community that could all have conversations with one another in only his lyrics. The new album is my favorite of his maybe ever. A must hear for anyone who is a fan of Townes Van Zandt or Leonard Cohen.

Nina Simone – Aint Got No Ive Got Life

Im on such a huge Nina Simone kick currently. This song is so uplifting and powerful like the woman herself.

Kevin Morby plays Leffingeleuren on 19 September and Het Bos, Antwerp on 20 September. The show at Het Bos is free for members. Become a member here.