Sonar Barcelona

Lorenzo Senni

Apart from being in charge of the experimental Italian label Presto?!, Lorenzo Senni is a tireless investigator of the mechanisms of dance music. Just like the impressive 2012 LP Quantum Jelly, this year’s Superimpositions is filled with this Milan-based thirty something’s pointillist trance, being essentially 90s-style trance permanently withheld from its own beat drop. Forcing a simple musical pattern into a sonic spiral of endlessly contagious melodies, Senni creates a more introspective piece that preserves its emotional tension and drama, all whilst urging you to abuse the dance floor.



From a label that signed artists like Evian Christ, oOoOO, Holy Other, Forest Swords and Fatima Al Qadiri you can expect nothing but the best. Vessel’s sound is situated somewhere between inventive electronica, dance with dub and techno influences.


London-based dance producer Samuel Long AKA Sophie has brought us crazy at the office more than once. His sound is a mixture of gliding synth melodies and bubbling percussion. He’s worked together with PC Music’s AG Cook to produce Hey QT, which we probably listened to a gazillion times. Don’t miss out if you want to hear some of the freshest, cutest and genuine pop music around these days.



Arca, also known as a DJ and producer (for, among others, Kanye West, Björk and FKA Twigs), released his first LP, Xen, this November, after the successful self-produced mixtape &&&&& in 2013. This talented 24-year-old London-based Venezuelan seems to like sleek monsters and deformed bodies (visual artwork by Jesse Kanda) for a record that’s electronically complex and full of unusual time signatures. Obscure but also glowing, using several layers of synths and rhythm, Xen takes the listener on a space trip, through the stars and above the moon, like a translation of sci-fi literature into music.

Evian Christ

As Evian Christ, Tri Angle Records signee Joshua Leary creates a dynamic fusion of hip hop and heavier beats, somewhere at the crossroads between freaked ambience and sparse, twisted R&B. Accompanied by live visuals by Emmanuel Biard the experience becomes both thrilling and intense.

Sonar Barcelona takes places next 18, 19 and 20 June at Barcelona Expo. Check out the whole line-up here!