Tweak Bird

1. About sibling pranks: Have you ever ‘tweaked’ your brother while he was asleep as brothers and sisters do?
A I tweak him every day… while he’s awake!
B No, are you kidding me? To tweak someone is urban slang for something involving someone’s buttocks, a cup of chocolate sprinkles and a small pet.
C He is not my brother. We made the whole kinship up in hope of White Stripes fans hopping over to us.
D Other, namely: Well, if I ever ‘tweaked ’ my brother it was definitely because he ‘tweaked ’ me first. I am not an instigator. We hardly ever ‘tweak’ any more after the accident… we’ve moved apart in respect of each other’s giant egos.

2. How does Ashton manage to simultaneously play the drums, keyboard, sing, keep his glasses on and be allround awesome?
A  In his mind he’s the chosen one.
B  He actually also plays my guitar on stage, that’s why I wear this massive native Indian head dress to cover that up.
C Like Roger Daltry, he eats a lot of Heinz Oven Baked Beans with Tomato Sauce, which contain serious amounts of iron.
D Other, namely: Ashton practices being awesome two hours a day. Basically, he always wants more in the music and performance, so if I don’t give it to him, he’ll make it happen on his own. I guess in that way he’s my puppet. I bet he thinks that I’m his puppet, but, no. I just kind of bring my own energy to the band. Sometimes I ’m hot and sometimes I’m cold. He’s finicky too. Tweaky if you will.

3. Why should we all listen to Tweak Bird?
A To get to know the state of Illinois better, because Sufjan left out the whole poppy Black Sabbath-y side.
B Grunge’s not dead.
C Frankly, the songs would sound better on a Korg synth. We encourage our keyboard-playing fans to cover our songs in their homes to fully experience our music.
D Other, namely: All songs sound better through a Korg synth. If you don’t know you must try. All people who attempt to better their lives through listening to music should add Tweak Bird to their playlist. TB is just one part of a balanced sonic pyramid.


4. As this is the Don’t Try This at Home Issue: Have you ever tried anything in or outside your home that you regret?
A A Melrose Place marathon.
B Imitating Jackass’ Party Boy by dancing wildly to our own album while ripping my shirt in a local audio store.
C Riding barechested on a motorcycle in snowy winter for the sake of the arts (see cover of second album).
D Other, namely: This is a true story from the past. When Ashton and I were in our teens and living at home, we wanted to convert our bedrooms into a two-room home recording studio. The problem was we didn’t have a doorway connecting the two and had no tools, except for a chainsaw we used for cutting up firewood. I took it and ripped a huge crooked hole in the wall just big enough to walk through if you hunched over. Mom was bummed.

Tweak Bird play Trix, Antwerp on 7 February and Madame Moustache, Brussels on 8 February. Both shows are free for members.