Kim Ki O

Kasper-Jan Raeman: We just finished the Let’s Start Over Issue and I wanted to ask you girls if you would start over if time was turned back 6 years?

Ekin Sanac: We guess so, we don’t feel different than we used to back then about making music. We’ve always kind of did what we believed in.

KJ: Would you still call yourselves Kim Ki O?

ES: Absolutely we would call ourselves that. Somehow we are still very happy with the band name. We’re not like OMD in that sense, the guy regrets that name forever haha. That’s what she says.

KJ: What would be the worst band name ever?

ES: Hard question! There are so many answers. A name that includes the word ‘girls’ for example, that would be terrible. But Girls Against Boys, for example, is a good band name for a guys band.

KJ: So I’m guessing no Spice Girls for you?

ES: And no Vivian Girls either. Maybe we like the Spice Girls even better.

KJ: Imagine, you’re 11 years again, dreaming of playing in a band… Which artist would you like to be?

ES: When we were 11 we were very much into Nirvana. That has been pretty much our earliest perception of a band, as a model.

KJ: Could a girl play in Nirvana you think?

ES: Of course! That’s a very good point. Nirvana was the least macho band of its time we think. When you look at Kurt Cobain’s favourite music and his circle of friends you can see how he hated the rock macho bullshit. Best music is anti-macho!

KJ: Do you think Nirvana was a way for Kurt to get rid of some aggression?

ES: We cannot tell really, but Nirvana in our opinion is not about aggression, maybe some rage, but not aggression. And aggression doesn’t correspond with macho behaviour necessarily. Also rage can be a really good motivation and starting point for a better world – especially in the form of a pop song.

KJ: Did you ever get aggressive on stage?

ES: Most of our songs take off from raging points but on stage we are not aggressive at all

KJ: Do Turkey and Istanbul play an important role in your music?

ES: We guess most of our fight is about where we live, but we don’t really feel attached to where we live at all. This fight inspires us.

KJ: Would you rather live in another city or country?

ES: Yes, we would rather not feel stuck here, although we don’t have a dream city to live in. The whole world probably sucks.

KJ: Do you feel like role models for the Turkish independent music scene?

ES: YES, we would love to feel that way. Actually in the beginning we were so excited about the idea of inspiring other people to make music, we thought a lot of bands with similar attitudes would spring in the coming years. But the truth is not much really happened so far. But we still hope we have some sort of influence on what’s going on.

KJ: I understand but… Maybe the great Turkish psych singer Selcuk Alagöz thought the same when he was making music back in the day. Maybe you will have inspired a whole new group of musicians when you look back in a couple of years.

ES: Yes, Turkish psych is psyching around the world these days! Haha. We’ll take this as a compliment, thank you!

KJ: So the new album is done and is coming our way early 2013. Have you had moments where you were lying in bed and woke up in the middle of the night and thinking: “fuck we didn’t do this song properly” or “shit, we forgot to put this idea in that song”?

ES: that’s a good question but no, that didn’t happen, not at all. We don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it didn’t happen. The thing is we were on very tight schedule here. Throughout the making of the album. We did music for a theatre play, and a feature film, which we are still working on. This all takes up a lot of concentration apart from our day jobs, so we get into this state of mind where we work very hard and without hesitation, right from the heart. Plus, working on other music made us very critical of ourselves, and how our music communicates with others. It already took us a very long time to finish this album, and now we can say we are confident from start to finish!

Kim Ki O, Klaustro and Proudpilot play at the Broken Sounds Off Istanbul at Scheld’apen in Antwerp on 7 December. The show is free for members.