The Sound of the Belgian Underground III

28 January - Ancienne Belgique
15:00 - €10/13 - Free for members

This sonic rendezvous will take place at the AB in Brussels, and will include ten of the most trailblazing acts Belgium has to offer – la crème de la crème van België – as well as a record fair for Belgian labels to strut their stuff. Mark your calendars for 28 January 2018 and be part of the new year’s reception for the underground.


Afia is the brainchild of Thalina Afya Konadu. This songwriter from Antwerp creates subtle bedroom soul that reminds one of British artists Fatima and Tirzah.


Mehdi Kernachi of AIR LQD crafts dark industrial music that he injects with hysterical noise and hard techno. Fast and furious.

Crowd Of Chairs

Crowd Of Chairs is a new band from Ghent that contains members of Youff and Deer. The trio creates exuberant post-punk doesn’t give a fuck what you think of it.


If we can believe Zwangere Guy, Le 77 is the next big thing on the Belgian hip-hop scene. Félé Flingue, Peet, Morgan and Rayan ensure chill beats, sultry raps and a catchy live show.

Sale Gosse

Sale Gosse is the coolest family business on the Belgian music scene. Mother Agathe, son Nino and daughter Randa win you over with their raw lo-fi rock.


Together with ssaliva, Kassett is one of the most influential and inventive producers in the country. Kassett has found its own sound, somewhere between dreamy hip-hop, futuristic pop and exotic electronica.


With a changing cast (involving guitar, bass, synths and minimal percussive), the trio from Ghent that is Vaal opts for emptiness. Together with the Dutch-language lyrics (that range from parlando to screaming), the result is a grimly peculiar vibe that reminds one of cold wave, krautrock and ambient.

Christine Denamur

Christine Denamur sounds like the perfect cross between Braids and FKA Twigs. Her debut single Emptiness is a gem that places the focus upon her mesmerizing voice.


Wolvennest is the new band encompassing Shazzula. With only one album and a number of shows, the psychedelic metal band established an impressive international reputation in no time at all.


American-Japanese singer and producer Golin (formerly known as RIN) is the rising star within Brussels’ electronica music scene. Her hi-fi electronica laced with eastern melodies sometimes reminds one of the best of Grimes.