La Superette

Age: Average 25
Location : Liege

Liege collective La Superette unites designers and plasticians to combine forces and develop innovative conceptual projects. Covering a large spectrum of activities from event production and product design to filmmaking, scenography and communication, to name but a few, Superette is the ultimate content platform. The collective’s variety of disciplines, experiences and influences makes each project the result of a complementary – and often spontaneous – collaboration. This weekend, Superette presents Supervue, a two-day festival combining plastic arts and music as a celebration for all the people who have helped make Superette what it is today.

Picture by Sasha Vernaeve


What is it that Superette does exactly?
We do a lot of things: events, product design, video, graphic communication, stage design, consultancy in artistic direction, and, more recently, stints as puppeteers. Building décor is our leitmotiv as our collective was formed though this activity and I believe that the way it complements our other activities makes us peculiar.

How did you begin doing your thing?
We got the opportunity to open a space in the center of Liège, and that’s were everything started; we started organising exhibitions, parties, concerts, projections, everything. It used to be our headquarters, and it was that place which gave rise to an emulation and a freshness we didn’t expect. After a year of activities, La Superette gallery had to close and so our desire to try new things magnified.

What are you working on nowadays?
We recently presented our first exhibition at gallery HEKLA in Brussels called ConvertibleWe also worked on the decoration of a future clip for Girls in Hawaii made by Marine Dricot. We created a monster in latex – the hero of the clip. Our next major project is Supervue Festival, a 2-day event taking place at the end of July. The festival brings together plastic art and music on a pile in Liège; we are proud of it because it is the project that represents all our collaborations and our know-how in a little zinzin.

Who or what are your role models/inspirations?
Everything we produce is the result of a collective effort. It comes to us spontaneously when we work together, everyone puts their inspiration at the service of the same objective and the influences are very vast. It is often our common references that guide us, whether it’s directly related to personal experiences, or cinematography, or current affairs. It’s by taking a step back on this instinctive work that we realised it gives us a particular and identifiable aesthetic.

What’s your motto/mantra/idea that keeps you going?
“C’est bon, c’est goot’ ”
“En route petite troupe!”

What advice/lessons would you share with another young person in your field.
Working as a team is good because the ball bounces and it creates good memories. Also: do not quibble and, above all, stay generous.

Supervue Festival takes place at Terril Piron, Liège on 28 and 29 July. On the line-up this year Bonnie Banane, Roger 23, Tolouse Low Trax, Yann Gourdon, Choolers Division, Cantenac Dagar, Ok Lou, Chris Imler and many more. The festival is fee for Subbacultcha members. Join here