Behind The Scenes

Fortune Collective Festival

Curiosity is a beautiful thing; it’s what makes us grow, think and incites us to try new things. To satisfy our members’ curiosity about the partners Subbacultcha works with, we’ll be featuring one of our partners every month. This month the Masterminds of Fortune Collective decided to move their asses to organise their annual Festival, and after an intense brainstorming session they decided to share with us their success formula to create the best party ever in six easy steps.

By Rutger De Brabander
Images by Images Pneumatiques

Step 1


Go travel and take some distance to get a fresh point of view. Staying open to new experiences means a lot to us, so we spend most of our time on the road looking for wisdom and cheap highway triangular sandwiches.

Step 2


Get together, sit down and share. Fortune Collectve is mostly a big beautiful familly with very white teeth.

Step 3


Look into the future and stay clear-sighted. As cold as it might get cold outside we try to keep up the heat up in here.

Step 4


Mix good ingredients and find the right recipe to lick each other’s spoon hand in hand, that’s the Fortune Spirit.

Step 5


Stay down to earth, because when you do things as good as we do, it can easily go to your head. From time to time we lie down together, facing the ground and try to think that we’re actually only a small thing in this universe and that all moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

Step 6


Get intimate, be fearless together and totally ok with your ego. Fortune Collective is as open as they can be; so just come as you are. I’m sure we’ll find some room for you under the blanket.


These guys are organizing Fortune Collective festival ft. Bad Gyal, Palmbomen II and more on  1 and 2 of July, at Le Brass, Brussels. The festival is free for Subbacultcha members. Become one here.