Slagwerk was born four years ago when two guys had enough of the Leuven party scene. With fraternity people running around in ribbons and bars limiting their playlists to reggaeton and commercial radio music, Slagwerk wanted to do things differently. They brought in a new party concept, a new air for those into music and its upcoming talents and ended up founding a concept much more potent than they originally set out to do.

We had a talk with promotor and agent-in-the-making at Culte Otis, aka Trime, and asked him how things started and will continue in the world of curating and organizing parties.


Slagwerk is a party concept, but what does that actually mean?
Slagwerk started in 2013 in Leuven when there were still very little party concepts and where we saw ourselves spinning the tables, so we decided to take things into our own hands. Alongside Miel, our graphic designer and myself as Trime we put together our first event featuring Pelican Fly label-boss DJ Slow as a guest. Ever since we’ve tried to bring an original lineup to the people of Leuven. We also tried to give both local an international talent a place to play and to be heard. Now our collective consists of a few resident DJ’s (Nemesis, Trime & Futto), as well as our own designer and producers.

You guys are from Leuven but are doing a lot of things in Brussels right now. What happened?
Growing up in Leuven we initially felt the need to create something in our own surroundings, especially because night life in Leuven is based primarily on a culture of fraternities and bars. As a consequence most venues in Leuven were only looking for commercial initiatives which, for us, after a while, meant we literally had no place left to work with a positive collaboration. It’s why we decided to move our events to Brussels; we can reach a much bigger audience there and the people just have a fresher outlook on things. They take us more seriously too as an organization. It’s something we really missed in a small city like Leuven, where the mentality of the venues and audience is kind of in the wrong place.

What about your collaboration with Perron Zes?
I see us a huge group of friends. Some Slagwerk members are also active at Perron Zes, so we can work together smoothly. We complete each other, and in the future we’ll be working together again 100 percent. Perron Zes is also doing all of our graphic stuff right now and we’ll be helping them out with their radio show next year. This Thursday we’re also hosting an event together for the very first time in a club called Barrio in the centre of Brussels. We’re inviting Danish producer Kid Antoine amongst others.

How do you see the future?
Our residents are having some more gigs this summer as Slagwerk Sound system and after that we’ll continue organizing events. There’s also a lot of new releases coming up, so stay tuned for that. Aside from the Slagwerk residents’ EPs we also want to upload more singles. The first one will be a track by Buga, a young producer from Brussels who’ll also be playing at our gig this Thursday.

Slagwerk and Perron Zes are having a party this Thursday at Barrio, Brussels. On the bill Kid Aintone, Retina Set, Liyo and Buga. The event is free for Subbacultcha members. You can become one here.