Team 20-something

There’s too much to do around here, too many stories to tell. It often happens that you hardly ever see the storytellers; you only see their paintings, their films, their externalised tales. Perhaps you don’t see anything at all – you only listen, let all other senses feel out the unfolding narrative. Creativity is often unassuming, but wherever it manifests it does so uncompromisingly, running deep and seeking the right course to disembody into the pantheon of stories that need to be told. We searched for and found 20-something examples, 20-something reasons to remind us that more than a trait, creativity is a presence: it can be embodied by anything, anyone, as long as they are willing to surrender completely to its force.



Front cover: Umi Defoort shot by Stine Sampers
Words By Gabriela González
Editors in chief: Herlinde Raeman & Kasper-Jan Raeman
Magazine editors: Julien Van de Casteele & Gabriela González
Copy editor: Megan Roberts
Design: Chloe D’hauwe

Contributing writers: Gabriela González, Julien Van de Casteele, Anaïs Violet Vaneldere, Blanche Didier, Bart Bruneel, Denis Wouters, Valerie Steenhaut, Mathias Bourgonjon & Laura Ramos

Contributing photographers: Tiny Geeroms, Stine Sampers, Sasha Vernaeve & Miles Fischler

Contributing artists: Thomas Huyghe, Marine Dricot, Rin, Stikstof, La Superette, Liyo Gong, Atelier Brenda, Louise Osieka, Guillaume Brevers, Miles Fischler, Umi & Kaito Defoort, Amina Saâdi, Fleur De Roeck, Tiny Geeroms, Sam Gunst, Chloe Delanghe, Shirley Villavicencio Pizango, Laura Geiregat, Mathias Mu, Leonardo Van Dijl & Elise Peroi

Partners: Botanique, Beursschouwburg, Het Bos, GEWADRUPO, Vooruit, Democrazy, MSK, Cactus, Arenberg, Trix, KASK, KVS, Esperanzah, Vama Veche – Entrepot, Cultuurcentrum Knokke – World Press Photo, Lumiere, Gent Jazz, Pukkelpop, Down The Rabbit Hole, PopKatari, JauneOrange, deSingel, In De Ruimte, Slagwerk, PERRON ZES, Fortune Collective, BPS22, KASK Cinema, Argos, Cinema Zuid, Cinematek & De Morgen