Kasper-Jan selects

One night where you will get to check out BOZAR’s major exhibitions while dancing on furiously-paced electronic music. Pick out your best sneakers and dance on the cutting edge of upbeat techno, experimental electronics and dance music while visiting the stunning BOZAR exhibitions.

Our editor-in-chief Kasper-Jan Raeman selects 3 artists you can’t miss.

Nathan Fake

After his debut release at the young age of 19, electronic master Nathan Fake has become a fixed value in the world of soft synths and acid techno beats, pleasing his fans ever since the drop of those first beats. In a live setting, his performance brings to the audience an intense physical and visual experience, partly due to the musical liberty at hand. ‘It’s all quite improvised and I actually formulate a lot of my arrangements while I’m playing live. I use loops which I can put in depending on the mood,’ Fake explains. And where the music is free in form, his body follows: while focusing intensively, his limbs crawl in angles we didn’t even know existed.

Front de Cadeaux

Front de Cadeaux are Athom and Hugosan. Mostly known for their 90 bpm acid DJ sets and live performances, this Belgo-Italian duo tends to explore the limits of techno going deep and slow. Their fourth release Cogitate came out on the Brussels label Lexi Disques and is a tribute to the American scientist John C. Lilly, famous for his research on ketamine and interspecies communication.


Not much is known about Spanish-born, now Brussels-based DJ Clara! Last summer she made her debut on Low Jack’s Editions Gravats label with a stunning mixtape, Reggaetoneras 2 . On describing her sound, Clara! explains her mixes fuse different styles, sources and cultural backgrounds. Her latest efforts, Reggaetoneras 1 and 2, are made up of 100% female MCs and rhythms from the ‘90s up to now. The ideal soundtrack to dance the night away.

Bozar Night ft. Nathan Fake, Front de Cadeaux, Clara!, Amelie Lens en Lone takes place at Bozar, Brussels on 30 April. The event is free for Subbacultcha members. Join here.