The Sound Of Me

Sabrina Mahfouz

Music — this thing that is so much as part of our life as it shapes it. Whether we are going through the perks of early mornings or in search for the perfect catalyst to get a party started: we all have a mental playlist for specific moments and memories. Since here at Subbacultcha music is essential to our existence, we decided that from now on, every month, we’ll ask interesting friends to take some time to reflect on those moments in life and how music completes them.

Sabrina Mahfouz is a British-Egyptian writer and poet. She’s the first guest for SLOW. KVS invites international guests to give their vision on Brussels with slam, spoken word and theater as the launching point. Every edition there is a specific theme, in the case of  SLOW #01, the focus is feminism, specifically Muslim feminism. We asked Sabrina to share the songs that inspire her in life.

A song for working out

Great song, amazing remixes.

A song for nostalgic moments

Brilliant UK electronic band.

A song for going out

A UK garage classic.

A song that makes you sad

Guitar strings that speak to the soul.

A song for your funeral

The title says it all.

SLOW #01 with Sabrina Mahfouz takes place at KVS, Brussels on 25 and 26 November. The show on 25 November is free for members. Become a member here. Tickets for 26 November can be found here.