The Sound Of Me

Sky H1

Music — this thing that is so much as part of our life as it shapes it. Whether we are going through the perks of early mornings or in search for the perfect catalyst to get a party started: we all have a mental playlist for specific moments and memories. Since here at Subbacultcha music is essential to our existence, we decided that from now on, every month, we’ll ask interesting friends to take some time to reflect on those moments in life and how music completes them.

Sky H1 is the rising star of the Belgian electronic scene. She released her latest EP Motion on the PAN sublabel Codes and is nominated (5 times) for the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. Chantal talks about the songs that help her focus while working and the album that’s on repeat during her flights to her next show.

A song for waking up

All time favourite track, this puts me in a very good, dreamy mood.

A song that helps you focus while working

Very happy I could collaborate on this OST! Listen to it all the time when I’m working at home.

A song for making out

Can’t pick one, on Dark0 I actually made out and that was pretty good, but Butterflies is such an intense and beautiful track, I can only imagine that making out on this song would be amazing.

A song for working out

So much power in this song, if I actually would go to the gym haha, I would pick this track.

A song for nostalgic moments

Nothing more nostalgic than that whole Memory Vague album.

A song that boosts your creativity

Elysia Crampton is one of the most original artists out there right now, she’s definitely an inspiration.

A song for going out

Can’t sit still on this song. One of the people I would also love to see play live.

A song for relaxing

One of my favourite releases of the year!

A song that makes you sad

I actually cried listening to this song, relistening it reminds me of that moment.

A song for the road

I’ve been listening to the full album Love Means Taking Action on my plane trips, and it works perfectly!

A song for courage

The perfect love song.

A song for your funeral

Such a nostalgic track, this reminds me of my childhood, it sounds so sad, but there’s a sense of euphoria in there as well, I think it would be really beautiful on a funeral.

 Sky H1 plays Schiev Festival, Brussels on 11 November. She’s also nominated for the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards (Artist Of The Year, Best Song, Best Album, Breakthrough Artist & Belgium: The Vinyl Frontier Award). Vote here.