The Sound Of Me

Mark de Lange

Music — this thing that is so much as part of our life as it shapes it. Whether we are going through the perks of early mornings or in search for the perfect catalyst to get a party started: we all have a mental playlist for specific moments and memories. Since here at Subbacultcha music is essential to our existence, we decided that from now on, every month, we’ll ask interesting friends to take some time to reflect on those moments in life and how music completes them. Mark de Lange is founder and CEO of Ace & Tate. The Amsterdam based eyewear brand is coming to Antwerp very soon. He talks about the soundtrack of being home alone and his uncle resembling David Crosby.

A wake up song

Although the lyrics are pretty depressing, the music is so relaxed and upbeat. Somehow Robert Plant’s sound fits incredibly well with the reggae-vibe of the track.

A song for nostalgic moments

When Homework first came out, Around The World was a huge hit. That summer my parents inexplicably decided to go away during spring holiday and our house turned into a week-long party. We had just picked up the 12” and ‘Around The World’ became it’s soundtrack.

A song that boosts my mood

It’s impossible not to like this track. Large Professor’s beat, with the ‘Human Nature’ (Micheal Jackson) sample, is awesome and Nas just kills it.

A song that helps you focus

I’m a hardrock / metalhead – huge Guns N’ Roses fan. When I really need to get something done, I usually play metal on my headphones – somehow it really helps me focus. I love the groove of Orion; although it’s a very complex track it flows really well. My favorite part is where the song just “opens up” at the 2:40 mark.

A relaxing song

My uncle is a CSN-fan so I knew of them but I had never really listened to their music. I completely got into them when I randomly picked up a Stephen Stills album (Stills) while record shopping with my friend Gerard. My uncle is more of a David Crosby-guy, I love Stills. We went to see them twice on their 2015 tour, which sadly turned out to be their last.

An inspirational song

Mike McCready’s guitar. Pearl Jam live. ‘Nuff said.

Ace & Tate will be opening a store (designed by Amsterdam’s design agency Standard Studio with special illustrations by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk) at Steenhouwersvest 15 in Antwerp on October 6.