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Vice called it the future of dance music – if you’re a nerd. And considering the ‘algo’ stands for algorithm, they weren’t far off. Indeed, Algorave is where programming aficionados turn sequences of code into jumpy, bugged-out patches of rhythms and beats that sound like techno being digested and regurgitated by a Commodore 64. Without going into the technical specifics – and please don’t make us – watching an Algorave performance is equal parts mystifying, tantalising and nerve-racking, as performers code club music live, glitches included. Check out notable Algoravers Yuxi, Luuma, and Curious Machine.


Devon Halfnight LeFlufy

devon halfnight leflufy

Canadian designer Devon Halfnight LeFlufy is yet another reason why Antwerp remains at the heart of experimental fashion. Having completed his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and trained under Maria Cornejo and Walter Van Beirendonck, LeFlufy is pushing the limits of design – literally beyond tangible reality. Take his S/S17 collection, where he invited artists such as Tom Galle and Alyssa Davis to create virtual landscapes corresponding to the different aesthetic references present in the collection. Like a true pioneer in his field, LeFlufy is well on his way to turning the runway into an immersive and exploratory experience.


Carla Dal Forno

carla dal forno

Blackest Ever Black’s latest signee has one single under her belt, and it’s already sold out twice over. Because what a single it is. Berlin-based Aussie Carla Dal Forno of F ingers and Tarcar brings her ethereal, languid vocals to Fast Moving Cars, which is simultaneously a love song and a resolution, the resolve to live and explore the void of the present. With a bassline that pounds with each heartbeat and minimal, effective arrangements, this is one to play over and over again, until your mind dissolves along with that faraway, unassailable melody.



Venezuela 70: Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth

venezuela 70

Venezuela is that country which everyone thinks is Colombia and where that guy who called George Bush the devil used to be president. But besides producing beauty queens and food-truck fodder, Venezuela had a homegrown experimental rock scene in the ’70s, and the legendary Soul Jazz label is making sure music nerds know about it. Though some of the prog pastiche bits might not be for everyone, the compilation is doused with cosmic inflections and otherworldly jams that introduce Western musical preoccupations to the distinctly Venezuelan mix of rabid folk and transcending Afro-Caribbean rhythms. A noteworthy release from a place that sadly disregards its own potential for growth.


Studio La Superette

la superette

As we keep learning time and time again, Liège is happening, yo. Along with Yves Billet’s magical underground shows and Cocaine Piss Jungle booking the place mad, La Superette is certainly in good company. An artists’ collective at heart, La Superette specialises in events where the environment is as important as the headliners. Building different set pieces from scratch, each event involves the creation of unique, ephemeral installations. Last July’s Supervue festival had Subba favorites Ssaliva, Tav Exotic and DJ Nosedrip surrounded by giant green hands in Middle of Nowhere, Liège. So next time you’re in the mood for meatballs, pay these guys a visit. You never know what they’ll be up to.




A new art collective is making the rounds, and its modus operandi is not what you’d expect. CLUBHUIS groups together multidisciplinary artists shifting from location to location to create temporary works that vary according to the materials available on the spot. Through installations, environments and films, along with the mandatory accompanying celebrations, CLUBHUIS have already made their mark in places such as In De Ruimte, NVT Galerie and Mastouche in Ghent, and their next crime scene is anyone’s guess. Keep an eye out for these aliens; they might just land in your homeland next time.




With or sans the actual enabling substances, the psychedelic state of mind feels more relevant than one may think. So much of the music, art and ideas that fill these pages have undeniable psychedelic undertones. And websites like Sociodelic are great for bringing those latent visions to the surface. Though filled with headlines such as ‘6 facts about psychedelics that will blow your mind’, Sociodelic is filled with little delights that guide you through the colourful, trance-inducing experience of stepping out of so-called reality and journeying inwards. Check out the list of websites to visit while on LSD, and see you on the other side.