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Bump Festival

bump festival

Since you never know where cool things are going to pop up, Kortrijk is setting the bar even higher with this month’s Bump Festival, a wonderland for graphic design buffs. With seven high-calibre speakers, including award-winning illustrator Yuko Shimizu and visionary creative director GMUNK, Bump promises to be one of the most inspiring and rewarding events to come roaming ’round the bend. Starts at 9am, Friday, 24 June, and ends late – we hear on a rooftop,  with gin and tonics, and hopefully lots of fanboy gushing. The potential is certainly there.


Design: Ateliers J&J


It might have come to your attention that over the past couple of months, Brussels’ hippest places like Yeti, Maison du Peuple or Café Belga have seen their terraces refurbished with some of the most minimalistic industrial designs. The metamorphosis was masterminded by Brussels-based Atelier J&J, a design and furniture-making workshop specialising in bent tubular steel. Located right off the canal, J&J was started by two craftsmen who wanted to offer solid, visually pleasing and accessible home furniture built from locally-sourced raw materials. If you’re looking to fill some of the space in your home while keeping the impression of depth, those guys might be the answer.


Misc: Everything 8-bit


Let’s face it: not all of us were the football-playing, mid-fielding, outdoorsy nerd-bashing types. Hell, a lot of us were probably the nerds getting bashed. For us lucky outsiders: computers. And old computer games, regardless of your birth year, are always equal parts comforting, addictive and ultra fun. Over at, they’ve got it going on: PuzzleBobble, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt and enough has been said for you to forget your FitBit or whatever and do what the rest of us do: procrastinate and level up.


Music: BEA1991


Boys and girlies, meet your new all-purpose crush: BEA1991 is an Amsterdam-based artist, designer, possible model and definite mystery – though not for long.The latest Dev Hynes-approved act, BEA has already joined the ranks of the Solanges and FKA twigs of our hopes and dreams. A dreamy and oddly sophisticated brand of electropop combined with alluring yet unassuming visuals (think selfie sticks in a fog cloud), this is one to claim to know before she makes it to the big time. And the wait will be short, dear Subba readers! Watch this space.


Misc: Breadfacing

Bread Facing

Picture this: an Asian girl, by all standards hella cute and wearing funky make-up and a glittery/polka-dotty/(insert enviable print here) top, sits before a plate of bread and briefly looks at it before smashing her face into it. Yes, friends, this is a thing, and it’s freaking amazing. No bread is safe from this young one’s face: burger buns, baguettes, peasant loaves, even muffins get the full frontal treatment from this unnamed smoosher. At the time of writing, she’s posted 44 videos on her 62k follower-wide Instagram. You’re wasting your time reading about this; go and live the smoosh.


Tipi Bookshop


One that’s been on our radar for a while: the current Mecca of photo bookshops in Brussels is on Munthofstraat, it’s called Tipi and it’s boss. Focusing mainly on independent and self-published titles, their range and scope is impressive, and each visit is full of discoveries and surprises. Don’t be put off by the hefty price tags: the appreciation for craftsmanship is palpable in their selection, where the accent is not only on content but on presentation on publications that are closer to artifacts than books. Marta Bisbal’s gorgeous zine/film reel Kosmos is a fitting example. An unmissable visit next time Saint Gilles finds you, as it is prone to do.


Art: Brock Davis

brock davis

Do a search on this guy and first thing you’ll find is that he was part of Banksy’s infamous Dismaland project last summer. Search a little further and it’ll become abundantly clear that Brock Davis is truly an artist of our times. Clever, cheeky, completely aloof yet piercingly observant, Davis has no single defining medium or style, apart from his trademark skewed worldview. A cucumber is clearly a killer whale. Stonehenge is made of Rice Krispies. Tree houses can be built on broccoli. It all makes sense the way he presents it, and it’s apt that one of his first exhibition spaces was his family fridge. Find him on social media, which, true to form, he pwns.


Art: Heart Shaped Opinions


On June 10 and 11, the bachelor students of Multimedia Design (KASK) present their graduation projects in a group exhibition. The power of variation gets confirmed in this show called HEART SHAPED OPINIONS: a creative enumeration of material, emotion, movement, narration and beauty. On top of that, in the evenings you can enjoy multiple lectures in which guest speakers attempt to shine their light on the ambiguities unavoidably created by this collage-format.

Artists: Leontien Allemeersch – Nanette Baert – Dries Cools – Corneel De Corte – Joram Demeyer – Femke Fredrix – Tim Isebaert – Leslie Page – Esther Schelfhout – Kim Snauwaert – Anyuta Wiazemsky – Tess Wilders

Production: KASK