Interview: Ital Talks Fashion

Johanna: OK, so can you name some presets in your style?

Daniel Martin-McCormick: I don’t really have a lot of clothes but I really like the ones I have. I remember for a long time, I would find one T-shirt and be like, that’s it for the next six months. I’m in it. There’s this photo of a show I played out in Berkeley when I was on tour, and I was looking at a photo of a room and I was looking at it but not at me in particular so I was like, ‘who’s that really dirty-looking guy in the back of the photo… oh shit, that’s me!’ The T-shirt had brown circles under the armpits and I just thought, ‘uh, I need to change this style.’

Oh yeah?
Yeah, I like wearing clothes I like. I don’t like looking like an asshole. When I was a kid, my mom was always trying to suggest stuff and I was like, ‘NO! No one will have any say in this matter except for me.’

You mentioned that your mom is training to be a pastor, right?
Yeah, she’s pursuing a degree in spiritual counselling.

So does she have any particularly conservative views about how you dress?
Nah, she’s super liberal. I mean, they didn’t like me dying my hair or anything like that but all things considered, they were fine. They gave me just enough room to rebel. Like, ‘you may not get a nose ring.’ And I’d go, ‘I hate you, Mom and Dad!’

Did you ever do it anyway?
Nah, no nose rings for me. I got my ear pierced.

Going against the grain.

OK, so let’s talk a bit more about some of your other pieces. What’s the story behind this plaid one?

I got that at a flea market in Paris on the last tour so it’s kind of my favourite shirt right now. Thing is, I hate wearing button-down shirts under sweaters. I’m just like, ‘ugh, it’s not me.’ So I can only wear this shirt when I don’t feel like wearing a sweater.

Is that an unspoken rule?
No, that’s a spoken rule! That and ‘no cargo pants’ . In that respect my job as a dog walker kinda sucks. Sometimes I have to rep the rain pants.

Everyone has shit that they don’t want to wear but they have to. What’s the outfit when you’re dog walking?
At the most intense, last winter, it was two pairs of socks (normal socks and ski socks), duck boots, two pairs of leggings, pants, T-shirt, sweater, two windbreakers, a heavy jacket, gloves and a hat.

All at once?
All at once… yeah, that’s my winter outfit. In the summer, I try to wear all white. White shorts, white T-shirt. Cuts down on any place where there’s potential for sweat accumulation, like under bag straps – it gets so nasty.

How about your dog-walking exploits? How many dogs do you normally walk at a time?
It’s usually one at a time. I’m not like a beast master, with like ten dogs at once. I interviewed for a couple of beast master positions but the pay was somehow worse…
I’m not like a domineering, dog whisperer kind of guy. They’re normally running around me, tying me up as I’m walking. More than one would be crazy.