Hi Max, thanks for doing this again. The last time we spoke I remember you promised us electric cars to get us inspired to attend a Suuns show.
Yeah, I remember, you had just woken me up.

As this is our second chat, maybe we can fast forward to the subject of intimacy now?
Well, I’ll do the best that I can. Being Canadian and earnest, you can only be so intimate.

Yeah, and why not, there are thousands of miles between us, so it’s pretty likely I will misinterpret your remarks about groupies.
I hope so.

How’s the social intimacy within the band? Any activities outside Suuns with your bandmates, like attending christenings or funerals together?
It’s kind of hard to tell lately, because we’ve been spending so much time together being on tour. When you’ve been off the grid, so to say, you sort of have to reconnect with society to make some money or whatever. We’re all flying (metaphorically as well as literally) on the same plane, and we seem to be ending up in similar situations when we get off. So outside of Suuns, we tend to bump into each other when doing little jobs here and there. No funerals yet. There’s a lot of hanging around at the coffee shop.

Who cries the most?
I don’t think I’ve seen anyone of the band cry. Come to think of it (for the record: what I’m about to tell you might be a bit embarrassing, but I think it’s quite endearing), Joseph, our guitarist, has a dog. He was just telling me that he had a dream in which his dog died, and when he awoke he was crying. That was really sweet.


So, such an emotional confession tightens the bond between you – or do you secretly think he’s a wussy?
No, not at all. We are a very sensitive band. We are sophisticated gentlemen.

Okay, just to be clear. Who’s the most intellectual and talks about politics and insurances and that kind of stuff?
We don’t really talk politics that often, but I would say it’s Ben (singer/guitarist), because he reads The New York Times the most.

What do you talk about?
I’m the only one that doesn’t have a driver’s licence. Usually in the morning I drink a bunch of coffee and talk the ear off of the driver for the whole ride, about all kinds of stuff really.

That’s nice, sitting in the back seat and watching everything slide past you.
The back seat of the car is like another time zone really.

Is your gratification level in balance or do you think Suuns have peaked too early?
That’s funny, I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. We are relatively successful in Europe. It’s an incredible contrast to how we seem to be doing in the US. I don’t know to which extent it’s a peak or not. We’ve benefited from experiencing having tremendous highs and lows almost simultaneously in the sense that it makes us humble. At the same time it’s also rather frustrating. Not that we expect to be very successful. I guess in a way we’re like an ice cube in hot water sometimes.

Who of you is the most spiritual and talks about feelings and brings a scent of lavender into the van?
I don’t think you want to talk about who takes care of the scent in the van. We all do, but not in a good way. We’re all absolutely contributing to the same extent that carbon dioxide is responsible for global warming. As for spirituality, none of us are particularly religious. Superstitious? Not really. I personally have a sense of impending doom that follows after any immediate form of success, but that has more to do with my Jewish guilt.

Let’s talk about Jewish guilt trips then. Who always gets the last beer or Mars bar and is never honest about it?
Busted, that would be me.

Thanks for your honesty. Then there’s also a different kind of intimacy. Who is the most polygamous about it?
Okay. I will try to answer that as safely as I can.

Who gets all the groupies?
You know, we don’t really have groupies. This one time a couple of fairly forward ladies came backstage. They were very nice and interesting and pretty, but the atmosphere suddenly had become very awkward. We don’t know what to do with that. That’s rock ’n’ roll for us, I guess. It’s not to say that we are devoid of that particular sense of intimacy, but, you know, that’s how it is.

Who’s the most codependent of the band? Who’s most likely to not know what to do with themselves when Suuns decide to go on hiatus?
That would be me. I’ve always considered myself tremendously lucky to be in Suuns. I feel like a bit of an impostor sometimes, being surrounded by so many great and talented people.

Who energises you the most? This can be a band member or your little sister after winning a math tournament or maybe after she’s been dumped again.
In the band the battery shell is definitely Liam (drums), he’s got the most energy. He would be the first one to laugh at a joke, even though he doesn’t get it. He’s very optimistic.

What’s worse than rejection in your opinion? When your synths get lost at the airport?
I don’t get attached to physical things. I accept that things come and go. Rejection may well be the worst.

How do you want to be remembered? Would you like to be thought of as a Suun, a Zero?
I’d happily be remembered that way. Actually, it would be wonderful to be just remembered.

Thanks for your candid honesty. I think I can say I saw a glimpse of your real self.
Hope you can be intimate in the Cactus Club.

Suuns play on 25 November at the Cactus Club in Bruges. This show is free for Subbacultcha! members.